Welcome to the unique and efficient outdoor advertising portal made exclusively for outdoor advertising in UAE. As we all know and would agree that outdoor advertising is an indispenable and extremely beneficial mode of advertising. Indeed it becomes tough to choose the right media type, perfect location and appropriate site for the revered outddor advertising campaign.

The biggest problem that advertisers face comes from the fact that outdoor advertising in UAE is still much of a fragmented segment. It means their are many individual vendors with approximately one to five hoarding spaces within their possession. It becomes tough to contact them and grab a good deal at the time of need. Hence Hoarding UAE is a unique initiative to bring maximum number of outdoor advertising vendors and advertisers on a common platform.
Also outdoor media vendors depend highly on the mercy of the advertising agencies to get some good deal for them. In return these advertising agencies charge them with hefty amounts on the name of bonus. But not anymore, HoardingUAE presents a unique and highly effecient model where vendors get to deal directly with the advertisers and grab the best possible deal all by themselves.

Hoarding UAE aims at integrating the fragmented sector of outdoor advertising in UAE and henceforth making outdoor advertising a convenient and more beneficial experience for advertisers.

Whether you are an advertiser or an outdoor media vendor, make yourself a part of HoardingUAE to experience the future of outdoor advertising.

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