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HoardingUAE is a unique and effecient mediume for all outdoor advertising requirements. This is the place which brings both advertisers and outdoor media vendors on the same platform and eradicate the role of middle-men and advertising agencies in the transaction. Through this platform now vendors and advertisers can connect directly in a hassle free manner and rent out or lease-in the outdoor media of their choice.

How it works?

HoardingUAE aims at becoming the largest platform for outdoor media transactions in UAE. We have an effective tried and tested mechanism that would enable us to enlist all the available outdoor media in UAE at our portal on the real time basis. Advertisers can log in through their account and find out the most suitable outdoor media property for their campaign. All the required details of the outdoor media such as location, lighting, size etc. would be verified and made available to the advertises over the portal. Hence HoardingUAE is the most convenient and effecient path to a successful outdoor advertising campaign.

Also we are always open to new vendors who can register over our portal free of cost and increase their revenue through increasing the visibility of their premium hoarding site to advertisers only at the unique platform of HoardingUAE.

Hoarding UAE Benefits-

Hoarding UAE is the most cost effecient way of finding the perfect outdoor media for any outdoor advertising campaign. It is fast, convenient and completely hassle free platform for booking and selling out any outdoor media in UAE. The real time updates of available outdoor media provides advertisers with best options of outdoor sites at any instant. Save Time, Save Money- Switch to HoardingUAE for all outdoor advertising related needs. HoardingUAE- The most beneficial and exclusive Outdoor Media Portal Of UAE

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