Hoardings In Al Falah

About Al Falah

Al Falah is a town with 44km distance from in Abu Dhabi Emirate. Township consists of several residents’ areas and small shopping hubs. The major places lie with resident’s area. In 2013 the government come with a project that building 3000 villas to the public people. That was actually a big project they had in the past three years time. On the same period the role of advertisement increased tremendously. Advertise in hoarding is an easy way to elaborate the ideas into the public. Over 100 hoardings were used for the same project in the different times. There the builders recognize the importance of the hoarding in construction field to convey their upcoming projects to the public.

The places call New Al Falah, Al Shaheen St, Al Falah Dr are the main areas. For worshiping people goes to Mohammed Bin Zayed Mosque.

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