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About Mussafah

Musaffah is an industrial town to the southwest of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Also known as Musaffah Sanaiya, it is one of the most important economic areas of the United Arab Emirates and has been designated a special economic zone, with numerous factories and port. Growth was facilitated by the building of the 480 meters (1,570 ft) Musaffah Bridge, a six-lane bridge which was built between 1976 and 1978, connecting the island of Abu Dhabi to the main land, following investment by the Korean company Dongah. Mussafah is called as Industrial City or Industrial Zone. All major Productions and Manufacturing’s are under taking their itself. The landscape is vast.

The municipal administration area of Musaffah has a population of about 151,000 and its jurisdiction includes Musaffah Industrial Area, northern coastal zone, Labour camps, commercial centre of Khalifa, new industrial centre, residential and commercial areas of Mohammed Bin Zayed, and also residential areas of Khalifa City. Out of this 151,000 population there would have a frequent visitors from the other emirates regarding the business meetings and official visit too. This will result to increase the visibility of hoardings in that area within a short span. If there more hoardings placed, it will helps to the companies in Musaffah to convey their future ideas and plans in a simple way. Landmarks are Mohammed Bin Zayed City, Taweelah, Al Maqqtrah.

Baniyas is a place belongs to Abu Dhabi Emirate. Major areas are covered with Educational Institutions like primary schools a sum of over eleven schools are there. Area calls Baniyas East, Baniyas North. Because of having more Educational Institution over there makes more people to come over Baniyas. And there people choose Lulu Hyper Market the world famous shopping mall for their daily purchase. Baniyas Mall is another crowded place in Baniyas. More tourists and residents visit this place as they need a convenient purchase. Roughly 50,000 people as a minimum figure would visit this place. Here its comes the role of hoardings and Unipole display. By this more people will watch the hoarding over this area. It will helps to the real hoarding owners to put up their revenue in a hike position, at the same time advertisers can easily pass their message through this hoardings and Unipole. There both advertisers and hoarding owners can makes a mutual profit on that.

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