Hoardings In Al Jurf Industrial

About Al Jurf Industrial

Al Jurf industrial is an industrial area which comes under Ajman, emirate of UAE. This area is divided into three different zones called Al Jurf Industrial 1, 2, 3. Each zone has its own entities. This area consists of several industries, manufacturing units, factories regarding production. This area has some schools and other education institutions having thousands of students in it. It makes the place well populated area. And most of the companies are situated in Jurf Industrial area.

Al Jurf Industrial zone 1 is a well known commercial place called Dragon Mart a big Shopping Mall contains variety of goods. There you can choose a unlimited products with cheap price. Majority of the goods are made in China. Most of the tourist they do a visit in this place for purchase. They had a wide range of variety items in each store inside. The other two industrial areas mostly having several industries in it. There would produce a bulk quantity of goods.

The role of advertisement in this place has more importance. Outdoor advertisement will help them in all possible way. It will help to regulate their product into the market on time. It will also help the

Advertisers to increase their revenue. On the other hand, the vendors would make a positive gain from their properties.

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