Hoardings In Al Raqaib

About Al Raqaib

Al Raqaib is a place in Emirate of Ajman. This place has two phases Raqaib 1 & Raqaib 2. Both phases are adjacent to each other. As named they call as Al Raqaib 1 & Al Rqaib 2. Al Raqaib 2 had a famous stadium called Mulk Stadium. This stadium is a well known place in Ajman. Mostly the cricket matches are held in this Stadium. This makes more people from other emirates use to come and watch the match. Mostly the tourist were also comes for watching the cricket match.

Al Raqaib is a well known place in Ajman with the Mulk stadium. Majority of the people would love sports. Some they would feel as a passion. It gains the place market into a higher level. This actually helps the advertisers to make their advertisement in a innovative way and they can choose the best medium of outdoor advertisement into their choice. At the same time the vendors can utilize their possessions in a best manner.

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