Hoardings In Old Market Fujairah

About Old Market Fujairah

Old Market Fujairah is a market situated in the Fujairah emirates. It is an old market contains thousands of shops inside. It is a well crowded market contains all type of old and new goods. Mostly the market contains convenient goods at the same time they have lot of gifts shop inside the market. Tourist can choose a wide range of collections like ornaments, gifts items, and different colours of chapels, shoes, caps, Arabic traditional dresses etc. Market looks like an ancient market which has no proper shelter. They are made up with thick clothes tied in several sticks which come like a rectangular shape. One shop is adjacent to one another. Mostly the sale is going through bargaining base, were mostly tourist fail.

The surrounding area had a future for business corporate, like establishing new industries and manufacturing units. The place is quit calm and suitable for production level. Wide range of area would attract the new investors to come for a start up in this place.

Here outdoor advertisement has a greater chance by observing the area with an existing market in it and by future development. Introducing more hoardings in this place will make a tremendous change in the field of Advertising. It will help’s to maximize the profit for advertisers and for the media as well.

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