What is Hoardings ads?

Hoardings or billboards are the most commonly used mediums for outdoor advertising. These are the big installments of metal or wood which are mounted over some heightened area such as a roof top or especially made poles. The front space is used for placing the advertisement. Hoardings are very significant part of any and all outdoor advertising campaigns.

Hoarding Advantages-

Hoardings are very big in size and easily attract the attentions of the onlookers. Sufficient means of lighting are used over hoardings to keep it visible round the clock. Hoardings can be of different types like back lit hoarding, front-lit hoarding, glow boards etc. Hoardings have been a traditional medium of outdoor advertising from the start and with time they have only expanded their domain by encapsulating new and innovative technology in their designing and installment. Hoarding UAE offers the best blend of most revered hoarding site for advertisers from all across United Arab Emirates.

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