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What is Roof Top Advertising ads?

Roof top advertising is one of the latest trends of outdoor advertising which is increasingly becoming popular amongst masses of advertisers who wish to target a particular niche of audience which make for their customers. Roof top advertising includes renting an empty rooftop space and posting the advertising message over these places. The area used is very large and the message is conveyed in large fonts and attractive colors. Roof top advertising is usually preferred around airports where they easily attract the attentions of millions of passengers every year. Advertisers are also stepping in to try and include their roof top advertisements in Google maps which can be viewed by millions more through the internet. Rooftop advertising hence is a very advantageous mode of outdoor advertising.

Advantages of Rooftop Advertising:

Rooftop advertisements are placed over roofs of large buildings surrounding the airports. Their unique characteristics make it an immediate attention grabber and they are witnessed by millions of flyers flying in and out of the airports every year. Rooftop advertisements are for longer period of time and helps advertisers to establish their brand identity very efficiently through this unique outdoor media tool. Hoarding UAE offers rooftop advertising assistance near all major airports of UAE. Grab a deal now and witness your brand fly high to the sky!!!


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