What is Unipol ads?

Unipole which is also many times referred as a monopole sign is basically an advertising sign (usually hoarding or billboard) frame structure mounted atop a single steel pole or column. The purpose of mounting it over a pole is to make it visible to a larger audience. Usually the height ranges from 28’ to 40’. Unipoles are a very effective and efficient medium for outdoor advertising as they encapsulate the attention of a larger mass of audience as they can be seen from a very large distance. Also at places where it is hard to find any existing structure for putting up a hoarding, unipoles are erected to serve the purpose.

Unipole Advantages:

The sole purpose of advertising is to make the customers aware of any product or service and to lure them in to buying it. For both of these it is very necessary to grab the attention of the audience. Unipoles which do not occupy much amount of land space can be erected at any crowded juncture and offer a large hoarding space at any strategically beneficial point. Hence they are the first choice of advertisers when they wish to advertise in place with large footfalls. Hoarding UAE has a large number of Unipole space available from all parts of UAE for advertising. Choose as per your need and advertise happily only through Hoardinguae.com.

Unipoles in UAE Dubai

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